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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I ordered these silk bell bottoms in December and they finally arrived at my house two weeks ago. There was some sort of shipping confusion on top of being sent the wrong item the first time around. I guess you could say I spent the past two months day dreaming about different ways to wear these pants. I love the scalloped pattern and how it gives off a more consistent transparency than floral lace.  The amount of skin exposed through the pants is subtle enough that it doesn't look like I'm wearing lace pants from a mile away. 

Outfit worn with my trusty Rocco, a bit heavy, but I'm still carrying it regularly one year later so it must be love. The mustard version of my hat is older and sold out, but Rag & Bone brought the hat back in black and tan for spring! Find it here available in black and tan in all sizes, but order now. I kid you not, the tan was available on shopbop yesterday but sold out in what seems like a few days. For a cheaper alternative, I also have this one that I  like and recently bought in Vegas. Looks a bit strange online, but it is one of the better floppy fedoras I've seen in person. 

Photos by: Sheerhaze

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