DIY #1: Leather Lace Up Pants

Sunday, March 31, 2013

I was on the lookout for some leather pants, but it seemed like the good ones I found had $700 price tags! Madness. I tried making myself feel better by buying coated/waxed denim, but really it's not the same. 

I ended up finding these leather pants last year at a warehouse sale. I couldn't zip them up, but they were $25 so I thought it was worth a shot trying to fix them. That is the problem with being a DIY junkie, you think you have the ability to fix everything and you end up buying all this half broken stuff that sits in your room for a year.

These are the eyelets I ended up purchasing and I love that it came in different colors. I already plan on using them for something else.
My little leather square, it's a bit more pebbled than the leather pants, but the color matched and it blended well enough to work.
The first step was cutting out the zipper with teeny scissors. I used cutters to break off the stem of the zipper and pliers to get rid of the button, removing as little leather as possible. 
I used eyeliner to make little dots on the pants. I punched a hole with the tip of the scissors and fit the eyelet over each hole. I cut my leather square into a triangle shape and sewed on velcro to secure them to the pants. 

Sorry... worst DIY instructions ever, I promise I'll do a better job on my next one. The project took about an hour and it happened so fast that I forgot to take pictures a long the way. I'll wear the pants on my next outfit post so that you can see the final result.

EDIT: See how the pants turned out here and here

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