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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Paper Heart Cardigan // For Love & Lemons Chevy Tank // Please Leather Pants // Isabel Marant Bobby // Rings: Pamela Love, Free People, Unknown

I have officially found my bad hair day cap thanks to the lovely Gisela of Heights of Fashion. I tried to give my outfit a casual touch by wearing my Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers. I originally started off with the high tops, but I find myself wearing the low tops more often because they go well with shorts and dresses. The real reason I love these sneakers so much is that I finally have a pair of shoes I can wear while driving stick. I love my car, but pretty much any cute heel, platform, boot, sandal without ankle strap, or leather soled shoe is out of the equation when it comes to driving. Usually it's just me and my socks. Fashion struggles...

Tiny Bandit recently hosted a sample sale with one of the vendors being For Love & Lemons. The two girls working the booth were so incredibly sweet and gorgeous. I ended up purchasing two tops, including the one I'm wearing, and a fringed kimono for over 75% off. A random factoid I learned while browsing the For Love & Lemons website is that one of the creators used to be an intern for One Teaspoon! It all makes so much sense now and I can finally understand why I love the two brands so much.

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  1. Wicked!! Love the leather pants with the Bobby's! And don't get me started on the finger candy! You pull this unconventional look off super well!