Coachella through IG

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

UNIF's Concho Hat that saved my life this weekend plus my Vanessa Mooney bracelet.
For Love & Lemons Sahara Dress // Forever 21 necklace // For Love & Lemons Bralette
One Teaspoon Saddle Suede Bodice // Vintage Maxi Skirt
Holding the famous Coachella balloons! So much responsibility!! Haha
Brandy Melville shorts and H&M top. This was right before I ate some ahi tuna nachos, probably the only semi real food I consumed this weekend since ramen and angry bird fruit snacks don't really count. 

Overall it was an amazing weekend and the weather couldn't have been better. Maybe like 5 degrees cooler, but it was so much nicer than last year that it's hard to complain. I was sick going to Indio and I am still sick as I type this, but I seriously needed a vacation from work so I was still a happy camper. I saw some things in the porta potties that I will not speak of on this blog, but I was trying to share this disgusting information with Sean when he asked me, "did you see a frog???". I seriously died right there on the grass when he asked me that. Maybe I was just experiencing the beginning stages of insanity or about to have a heat stroke, but I just thought it was so darn funny. I don't know, I think that was my favorite moment at Coachella. 

Diamonds and Lines

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Furst of a Kind Flannel // Carmar Quilted Shorts // House of Holland Suspender Tights // Dr. Marten 1460 Boot // Low Luv x Erin Wasson Necklace // Free People Necklace 

My closet will never lack an abundance of plaid things, I think I might have a problem. Also, RIP to these tights. The disclaimer they came with about being delicate with them is true. Why, why, why am I such a destructive person and how is it possible that I destroy or lose anything I get my hands on.