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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shakuhachi New York Cutout Dress // Jeffrey Campbell Tardy // Leather Cap from eBay // Chanel Flap Bag // Wasteland and Brandy Melville Necklace //  Forever 21 Bangle

The look I was going for in this post was inspired by the idea of a young girl playing dress up in mom's closet. The sweat knit, lace up shoes, and cap are my childish elements, but the heels, cutouts, and Chanel bag are the grown up aspects. I have no idea if this even makes sense, but that was the vibe I was going for. I'm wearing a dress by Shakuhachi, a really cool Australian label that I am currently in lust with. I feel like I wear a lot of the same brands over and over again so I'm happy to show you guys some new stuff which brings me to my next point.. the Australian fashion game is mean. Who is ready to move there with me?

About a year ago I bought Jeffrey Campbell Tardys in size 7 and they were way too big for me and gave me blisters. After I bought them in size 6.5 and they were way too small and cramping my toes. WTF JEFFREY CAMPBELL. I just couldn't get these shoes out of my head so I had been stalking them on evilBay for the longest time. A black pair finally popped in 6.5 and I decided to just go for it again and let my feet suffer. This pair actually fit and they might even be a tad too roomy, but I'd say they are close to perfect. It's a little strange but the leather is different too because my first pair was very glossy, but these ones are a bit matte. I do like the glossy look better, but these ones look more scuff forgiving.


  1. Love the Tardy's! Such a lovely outfit!

    Great blog :) I've followed you and hopefully you'll follow me back :)! x

  2. This dress is really cool! Most cut out dresses you see are really structured, I love how loose this one is!

    1. Same reason I was drawn to it! I like loose, unstructured things (:


  3. how dope is that dress? Love the Cut-Outs!!