Hold On We're Going Home

Sunday, August 25, 2013

This day consisted of browsing a 90's theme shop and buying Yin Yang bracelets, making Drake music videos in the car, and hanging out in this parking lot with my friend. I would say it was the perfect California day fueled by a natural high. I wish I could post the videos on Instagram but Sean is extremely private so he never lets me post anything. grr...

I also caved this weekend and stopped by the LF sale in Santa Monica. I tried my best to control myself and got two maxi dresses. Afterward I stopped by Planet Blue, where I found this lovely top. I'm happy to support brands that aren't as mainstream and Sean offered to buy it for me as our anniversary present so I couldn't resist!

Vintages Roses and Sunsets

Monday, August 12, 2013

Today I'm wearing my latest evilBay find, these amazing rose pants, which were only $20! It was definitely one of my smarter purchases since I burn through paypal funds like it's imaginary money sometimes. I'm extremely happy with them because I was looking for something high waisted that could be worn with this cropped cami. It comes in a bunch of colors and the smocked back is pretty handy.

Children of the Sun

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I walked past this little park a bunch of times, but this was my first time stopping by. It was really fun! There is a fountain that turns into a pool with little cement islands you can hop all around. I sat around this area with some friends eating tacos and fruit from those little carts that are parked around Los Angeles.

I snagged this gorgeous kimono at a Spanish Moss warehouse sale the other weekend and it is even more amazing in person. It feels so good and the daisy embroidery looks top notch. I regret not buying more clothes at the warehouse sale because I've been trying to buy from more local brands that aren't in every girl's closet. They had some nice floral dresses and vintage items.. next time.. hope there's a next time.

Novella Royale, New Love

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I'm so excited to finally show you guys these pants from Novella Royale! I have been stalking them for so long because they are always sold out and I'm guessing it's because their production is so small. It was worth the wait because it seems like there is a lot of thought that goes into which prints will be used each season. I took about an inch and a half off the bottoms and they are perfect with some 5 inch platforms!

I'm also wearing a cool belt, which you can't really see but I have more detailed pictures of it in my next blog post. Free People has some really awesome imported belts right now, I totally would love another one but I'm trying to be a little more conservative on the dough lately.

xx mish