DIY #1: Leather Lace Up Pants

Sunday, March 31, 2013

I was on the lookout for some leather pants, but it seemed like the good ones I found had $700 price tags! Madness. I tried making myself feel better by buying coated/waxed denim, but really it's not the same. 

I ended up finding these leather pants last year at a warehouse sale. I couldn't zip them up, but they were $25 so I thought it was worth a shot trying to fix them. That is the problem with being a DIY junkie, you think you have the ability to fix everything and you end up buying all this half broken stuff that sits in your room for a year.

These are the eyelets I ended up purchasing and I love that it came in different colors. I already plan on using them for something else.
My little leather square, it's a bit more pebbled than the leather pants, but the color matched and it blended well enough to work.
The first step was cutting out the zipper with teeny scissors. I used cutters to break off the stem of the zipper and pliers to get rid of the button, removing as little leather as possible. 
I used eyeliner to make little dots on the pants. I punched a hole with the tip of the scissors and fit the eyelet over each hole. I cut my leather square into a triangle shape and sewed on velcro to secure them to the pants. 

Sorry... worst DIY instructions ever, I promise I'll do a better job on my next one. The project took about an hour and it happened so fast that I forgot to take pictures a long the way. I'll wear the pants on my next outfit post so that you can see the final result.

EDIT: See how the pants turned out here and here

Lots and Lots of Straps

Urban Outfitter shoes that don't come with shoe boxes (you know which ones I'm talking about) are always a risky online purchase, but these ones completely exceeded my expectation. I sized down as usual since UO shoes seem to run one size larger. Everything from the ankles to calves fit so nicely and the zipper entry is a major plus. I've been looking for a replacement for my favorite Jeffrey Campbell gladiator sandals ever since they melted at Coachella and I think these ones will do. Definite bang for the buck sandals.

Knit Up

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thrifted Cardigan // BB Dakota Nichols Dress // Necklace LF and Low Luv X Erin Wasson // Pamela Love Rose Gold Serpent Bangle // Karen Walker Helter Skelter Sunglasses // Headwrap made by Sean's sister

Have you ever worn something so much that you just don't know how you feel about it anymore? That's the current situation with this cardigan. I do love it, but I've worn it so many times that it has just become this brown lumpy thing to me and I keep questioning myself if it's even cute anymore. 

I'm wearing a leather dress that was purchased at a BB Dakota warehouse sale after work back when I used to work in Newport Beach. I think this may be my favorite warehouse sale purchase to date, not only because I got it for a steal, but fitting into a leather dress with no zipper is a sign from the retail gods that it was meant to be. If you're new to warehouse sales, this is a good place to start. You can catch me at the Wasteland sample sale next weekend, details on that link.

Hermosa Amber

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Paper Heart Cardigan // For Love & Lemons Chevy Tank // Please Leather Pants // Isabel Marant Bobby // Rings: Pamela Love, Free People, Unknown

I have officially found my bad hair day cap thanks to the lovely Gisela of Heights of Fashion. I tried to give my outfit a casual touch by wearing my Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers. I originally started off with the high tops, but I find myself wearing the low tops more often because they go well with shorts and dresses. The real reason I love these sneakers so much is that I finally have a pair of shoes I can wear while driving stick. I love my car, but pretty much any cute heel, platform, boot, sandal without ankle strap, or leather soled shoe is out of the equation when it comes to driving. Usually it's just me and my socks. Fashion struggles...

Tiny Bandit recently hosted a sample sale with one of the vendors being For Love & Lemons. The two girls working the booth were so incredibly sweet and gorgeous. I ended up purchasing two tops, including the one I'm wearing, and a fringed kimono for over 75% off. A random factoid I learned while browsing the For Love & Lemons website is that one of the creators used to be an intern for One Teaspoon! It all makes so much sense now and I can finally understand why I love the two brands so much.

Lazy Sunday

Monday, March 18, 2013

I've finally come to terms with my naturally wavy hair, which I didn't always have. Puberty does some weird stuff to your body and my weapon of choice in middle school for this battle was a hair straightener. The downside to wavy hair is that it can be so unpredictable, but in the past year I've learned to manipulate the funky looking strands with heated tools and some hair product. It's pretty amazing how my split-end troubles have almost completely vanished since I quit my daily dosage of hair straightening. 

As for my outfit, here's a little white on white action for you. I wore my One Teaspoon bikini top underneath it to give the exposed back a little more geometrical flair. I know a bikini top is not quite a bra, but on the topic of wireless underthings, you have no idea how excited I am by the accessibility of bralettes these days! I have a bad habit of sleeping in those evil wired contraptions so my mom is very pleased with the softy versions. Brandy Melville sells a ton now, but the black lace ones from Urban Outfitters are my favorite and more cold weather friendly if you catch my drift.

Stay tuned, I will be posting festival outfit ideas in the next week or so in time for festival season! I'm really excited about this one since I will be attending my 3rd Coachella in April. 

Sample Sale Scavenging

Saturday, March 16, 2013

This is the outfit I wore to the Wasteland sample sale in LA. I'm wearing a leather jacket that I scored for 50% off thanks to Nordstrom's price matching and a generous contribution from my brother as a Christmas present. Anyway, the price points at the sample sale were $5-$10-$25-$40 with brands including One Teaspoon, UNIF, Style Stalker, Shakuhachi, BB Dakota, Blessed are the Meek, Friend of Mine, and Finders Keepers. I ended up purchasing a Style Stalker blouse, One Teaspoon dress, and Lucca maxi skirt. Total damage: $90. 

Overall it was pretty good and did not disappoint. I did spy some One Teaspoon Bandit shorts and some people carrying Jeffrey Campbell shoe boxes, although I'm sure you had to arrive early to grab a decent size. Most of the items I wanted were at the $40 price point so I had to put back a few items including a lace UNIF dress and another Style Stalker blouse. Boy do the prices rack up fast! 

Double Embroidery

Friday, March 8, 2013

One Teaspoon Boneyard Kimono // Uniq Rose Embroidered Top // Please Leather Pants // Free People Necklace // Topshop Fedora // Vera Wang Platform // Balenciaga Bag

I was so excited to wear my leather pants that I finally got around to fixing (see post here), especially because I need more pants. I wore them with my nude platforms which I haven't worn in so long because I somehow manage to hurt myself every time I wear them. Something about catching an edge in platforms just makes you topple over, but I do feel that platforms are more casual and acceptable to wear in public than stilettos so I will continue to embarrass myself.

Long Beach Chillin

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I ordered these silk bell bottoms in December and they finally arrived at my house two weeks ago. There was some sort of shipping confusion on top of being sent the wrong item the first time around. I guess you could say I spent the past two months day dreaming about different ways to wear these pants. I love the scalloped pattern and how it gives off a more consistent transparency than floral lace.  The amount of skin exposed through the pants is subtle enough that it doesn't look like I'm wearing lace pants from a mile away. 

Outfit worn with my trusty Rocco, a bit heavy, but I'm still carrying it regularly one year later so it must be love. The mustard version of my hat is older and sold out, but Rag & Bone brought the hat back in black and tan for spring! Find it here available in black and tan in all sizes, but order now. I kid you not, the tan was available on shopbop yesterday but sold out in what seems like a few days. For a cheaper alternative, I also have this one that I  like and recently bought in Vegas. Looks a bit strange online, but it is one of the better floppy fedoras I've seen in person. 

Photos by: Sheerhaze

Never Summer

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Love Spray Jacket // Tied and True Knit // AA Leggings // Chanel Flap // Isabel Marant Bazil // Ray-Ban Wayfarer
Let me convince you that wearing this jacket in Southern California is a great idea. I found it on Santee Alley in Fashion District last month and I cannot stop wearing it. Despite it’s carpet-y look, it is very thin/flexible and the silky lining feels good even in warmer weather. 

I faced the same dilemma this particular weekend that I face almost every weekend: not packing enough clothes. I never really know where I'm going to go or stay so my weekend packing process consists of grabbing clothes from my closet that stick out to me, stuffing them into my duffle, and dealing with the consequences later. The result is very mismatched outfits or repeated outfits the next day.

Anyway, my choices were pretty slim this weekend so I was left to choose a shirt that was the exact color as my jacket (eek!). The outfit needed a little kick, so I wore my long sleeve shirt backwards. I don’t usually think wearing clothes backwards or inside out is a good idea, but the cut of the front and back of my shirt are identical so it worked out.