DIY #1: Leather Lace Up Pants

Sunday, March 31, 2013

I was on the lookout for some leather pants, but it seemed like the good ones I found had $700 price tags! Madness. I tried making myself feel better by buying coated/waxed denim, but really it's not the same. 

I ended up finding these leather pants last year at a warehouse sale. I couldn't zip them up, but they were $25 so I thought it was worth a shot trying to fix them. That is the problem with being a DIY junkie, you think you have the ability to fix everything and you end up buying all this half broken stuff that sits in your room for a year.

These are the eyelets I ended up purchasing and I love that it came in different colors. I already plan on using them for something else.
My little leather square, it's a bit more pebbled than the leather pants, but the color matched and it blended well enough to work.
The first step was cutting out the zipper with teeny scissors. I used cutters to break off the stem of the zipper and pliers to get rid of the button, removing as little leather as possible. 
I used eyeliner to make little dots on the pants. I punched a hole with the tip of the scissors and fit the eyelet over each hole. I cut my leather square into a triangle shape and sewed on velcro to secure them to the pants. 

Sorry... worst DIY instructions ever, I promise I'll do a better job on my next one. The project took about an hour and it happened so fast that I forgot to take pictures a long the way. I'll wear the pants on my next outfit post so that you can see the final result.

EDIT: See how the pants turned out here and here

Hermosa Amber

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Paper Heart Cardigan // For Love & Lemons Chevy Tank // Please Leather Pants // Isabel Marant Bobby // Rings: Pamela Love, Free People, Unknown

I have officially found my bad hair day cap thanks to the lovely Gisela of Heights of Fashion. I tried to give my outfit a casual touch by wearing my Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers. I originally started off with the high tops, but I find myself wearing the low tops more often because they go well with shorts and dresses. The real reason I love these sneakers so much is that I finally have a pair of shoes I can wear while driving stick. I love my car, but pretty much any cute heel, platform, boot, sandal without ankle strap, or leather soled shoe is out of the equation when it comes to driving. Usually it's just me and my socks. Fashion struggles...

Tiny Bandit recently hosted a sample sale with one of the vendors being For Love & Lemons. The two girls working the booth were so incredibly sweet and gorgeous. I ended up purchasing two tops, including the one I'm wearing, and a fringed kimono for over 75% off. A random factoid I learned while browsing the For Love & Lemons website is that one of the creators used to be an intern for One Teaspoon! It all makes so much sense now and I can finally understand why I love the two brands so much.

Long Beach Chillin

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I ordered these silk bell bottoms in December and they finally arrived at my house two weeks ago. There was some sort of shipping confusion on top of being sent the wrong item the first time around. I guess you could say I spent the past two months day dreaming about different ways to wear these pants. I love the scalloped pattern and how it gives off a more consistent transparency than floral lace.  The amount of skin exposed through the pants is subtle enough that it doesn't look like I'm wearing lace pants from a mile away. 

Outfit worn with my trusty Rocco, a bit heavy, but I'm still carrying it regularly one year later so it must be love. The mustard version of my hat is older and sold out, but Rag & Bone brought the hat back in black and tan for spring! Find it here available in black and tan in all sizes, but order now. I kid you not, the tan was available on shopbop yesterday but sold out in what seems like a few days. For a cheaper alternative, I also have this one that I  like and recently bought in Vegas. Looks a bit strange online, but it is one of the better floppy fedoras I've seen in person. 

Photos by: Sheerhaze