Garden Party

Monday, April 29, 2013

For Love & Lemons Dreamer Dress // Isabel Marant Lapaz // Necklace: Vintage and LF

Online shopping will be the death of me and free overnight shipping on Nasty Gal is not making the situation better. Just added another addition to my never ending collection of bell sleeved dresses and tops. The most exciting part of this dress is that it's made out of sweet, thick rayon. Rayon wrinkles like no other, but it will still remain one of my favorite materials because of how heavenly it feels against the skin. 

Thinking About Forever

Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm not sure if it's the amazing weather that has been putting me in a good mood, but I am just so high on life right now. I've been so inspired lately and I feel like I can accomplish any goal if I put my heart into it.

Back to fashion. I'm wearing my Jeffrey Campbell Fords, which are essentially on the same construction as the Lita, but they feature an exposed wooden platform and side cut-outs. I also wore some leather shorts that I am currently obsessed with. It's a possibility that I am obsessed with too many things, but seriously.. how good are these shorts? Camel can be such a tricky color, but it looks perfect with the beaded detailing and the front zipper just seals the deal.

Photos by: Michelle Lee

Coachella through IG

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

UNIF's Concho Hat that saved my life this weekend plus my Vanessa Mooney bracelet.
For Love & Lemons Sahara Dress // Forever 21 necklace // For Love & Lemons Bralette
One Teaspoon Saddle Suede Bodice // Vintage Maxi Skirt
Holding the famous Coachella balloons! So much responsibility!! Haha
Brandy Melville shorts and H&M top. This was right before I ate some ahi tuna nachos, probably the only semi real food I consumed this weekend since ramen and angry bird fruit snacks don't really count. 

Overall it was an amazing weekend and the weather couldn't have been better. Maybe like 5 degrees cooler, but it was so much nicer than last year that it's hard to complain. I was sick going to Indio and I am still sick as I type this, but I seriously needed a vacation from work so I was still a happy camper. I saw some things in the porta potties that I will not speak of on this blog, but I was trying to share this disgusting information with Sean when he asked me, "did you see a frog???". I seriously died right there on the grass when he asked me that. Maybe I was just experiencing the beginning stages of insanity or about to have a heat stroke, but I just thought it was so darn funny. I don't know, I think that was my favorite moment at Coachella. 

Daisies and Danys

Monday, April 22, 2013

I finally used the Planet Blue gift card I won from Instagram and used it towards this dress. I was so shocked when I pulled it out of its package because the fabric just had so much weight to it. I was so impressed by the quality and can't wait to see more American Gold products come out in the future. A definite uh-oh since I do not need to be falling in love with any more brands.

I also decided that I am going to grow my bangs out since I look 12 years old. The few months they existed were fun, but I sort of miss my forehead and drawing in my mean girl eyebrows.

Western Monochrome

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I have been stuck in this weird monochrome binge for the past year and my closet definitely shows it. I've been trying to be adventurous and buy different colors, but I just can't figure out what colors look good on me. I feel so boring admitting this, but sometimes I wish I could just wear black, white, leather, and plaid for the rest of my life. I'm definitely happy that it's Spring because I would like to try to buy more light pastel colors, that's a good start right? 

The Dicker boots I'm wearing are the most amazing boots in the world! I got them in Anthracite, which is a really cool color because they seem to switch off from blue to grey depending on the sun. They do look like your typical suede ankle boot, but I swear they are the most amazing things you can put your feet into. They are buttery soft and so ridiculously comfortable. And this might sound kind of gross, but I like to wear them without socks since they are actually well ventilated. They just feel so good on the feet that I feel like my Costco socks ruin the experience.

Spaceship Coupe

Monday, April 15, 2013

Ragged Priest Jacket //  One Teaspoon Kiss of Death Dress // Free People Necklace // Deandri Helga // Jackie Geo Stud Bag

Here's my new bag that I recently picked out, courtesy of Shop Akira. They are having an amaazing sale right now, additional 50% off sale items! I love that word... additional. They haven't even applied the new sale price yet so you can calculate it yourself and get excited by the new lower price! Anyway, click the link below and snag a For Love & Lemons dress or perhaps some Low Luv x Erin Wasson jewelry for an excellent price. Offer expires April 16th at midnight, so quick quick! They still have the Stone Bell pants and moon ring I've worn in a couple posts.

I recently purchased these Helga platforms and I finally realized what I've been missing out on. I sold all my Tardys and Litas so I've been deprived of some serious chunky platform goodness in my life. I like how they make my feet look all big and goofy, I'm definitely all for bubbly, animated, space-tastic, kung fu looking shoes. I purchased the Helgas with an Amazon giftcard that my old boss gave me for Christmas so I didn't feel so bad about paying full price. I would also like to mention that this is my favorite re-order on Amazon. It's one product I swear by and how I keep my nice suede shoes in like-new condition. Liquid will run right off the suede and you can even dunk your entire foot into mud like I accidentally did once. Anyway, I think I am on my 6th can so yeah, this is the good stuff.

Diamonds and Lines

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Furst of a Kind Flannel // Carmar Quilted Shorts // House of Holland Suspender Tights // Dr. Marten 1460 Boot // Low Luv x Erin Wasson Necklace // Free People Necklace 

My closet will never lack an abundance of plaid things, I think I might have a problem. Also, RIP to these tights. The disclaimer they came with about being delicate with them is true. Why, why, why am I such a destructive person and how is it possible that I destroy or lose anything I get my hands on. 

Festival Outfit Ideas

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I mentioned in another post that I would be doing a Coachella outfit ideas entry since festival season has arrived. I had been putting it off because it was a harder challenge than I had anticipated, but I wanted to follow through with my word. This weekend I packed two tote bags with clothes and threw these six looks together right before shooting. I'm not quite sure what I will be wearing next weekend to Coachella, but I am still hoping that my One Teaspoon goodies will arrive from Australia this week. Either way, you will catch me rocking my Birkenstocks, too much jewelry, and lots and lots of sweat.

Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for my actual Coachella outfits in two weeks. If you have any questions about any item I am wearing just shoot me an email or comment, I will respond.