Hot, Sticky Summer

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I picked out this cute little number from 2020AVE and it is appropriately hot weather friendly. I wanted to wear my Nightcap Top from For Love & Lemons underneath it, but something tells me that I won't be able to wear long sleeves for a while. I paired the overalls with my Cuban Maxi Dress, which is always a lot of fun to wear because of how fluid it moves in the wind. 

Nasty Gal Feature

Thursday, June 27, 2013

 My very first feature! Read about it here (=

Black Socks, Bell Sleeves

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I think this might be the official way to wear the Nightcap Top.. knotted in the front like so. I have also become strangely addicted to wearing these blacker than death trouser socks.  No fading here. They are made from the most amazing material ever, so amazing that I need a onesie made from this stuff pronto. I've even been wearing them with my Birkenstocks. As if Birkenstocks aren't comfortable enough, adding these socks just takes them to a whole new buttery level. I found two packs of these black socks in my closet and I think I vaguely remember purchasing them at Tuesday Morning, but I am a little confused as to why I felt the need to buy two packs at once. Doesn't matter, I'm in heaven. I think I could write a whole essay on socks, but I will spare you.

Danger Zone

Sunday, June 23, 2013

When I saw this Summer of Love dress in For Love & Lemon's Fourth of July lookbook, I knew I had to have it. I can finally sleep at night knowing it's in my closet. Sort of joking, but not really since I thought about this dress way too many times for it to be considered normal. I loved all the maxi dresses in this collection so I got a black and tie-dye one as well. Is it just me or are maxis hard to style? You can only wear so many layers in Socal when your entire body is already covered in fabric. Either way I'm so excited to get my hands on these before they hit stores - time to wear them out like a mad woman. I don't know what it is, but I think it's the floral design that got to me. White floral is definitely a danger zone kind of situation because there is such a fine line between looking acceptable and looking like an old creepy wedding dress or dinner cloth. This one was just too pretty to pass up.

I've also been wearing this beanie way too much aka my roots are growing out hard core. This beanie is the answer to my prayers *insert prayer hand emoji* It has got the perfect amount of slouch and it's not one that needs to be adjusted in front of a mirror, you can just throw it on without looking and it doesn't look silly. 

Melrose Shopping

Monday, June 17, 2013

This weekend I stopped by 2020AVE's pop up store on Melrose and bought some clothes along with a bunch of jewelry. I wore my favorite silk velvet burnout maxi dress to the one day event, but stole my brother's shirt last minute to make it more casual. Sorry brotato, if you're reading this I'm stealing this shirt forever. 

What's up LA

Monday, June 10, 2013

Scallop Hem Shorts c/o Shop AKIRA // Luna B Leatherette Crop Top // Love Spray Shag Jacket // UO Thigh High Socks // Chanel Sunnies // Celine Buckle Strap Clog

I really tried to buy colorful clothes this year, but I found myself questioning what the point was. I'm just going to stick to what I'm comfortable with, so that will probably mean lots of black and white in the future. Hope you don't mind!

Today I'm wearing these cute scalloped shorts I picked out last week from Shop AKIRA. I've already mentioned them a bunch of times before, but I really like their site because they have an array of affordable clothing plus some of my favorites brands like FL&L and UNIF. I'm also wearing my Chanel sunnies today, which is my favorite brand for sunglasses. I have a hard time buying sunglasses because unless they have nose pads, they usually end up sitting on my cheeks and leave marks on my face. I do prefer plastic frames and Chanel is the only brand that I don't have this problem with. So I guess if you're Asian, or if you have a flatter face with loser nose bridge, you might want to check out Chanel!

Kid Stuff

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shakuhachi New York Cutout Dress // Jeffrey Campbell Tardy // Leather Cap from eBay // Chanel Flap Bag // Wasteland and Brandy Melville Necklace //  Forever 21 Bangle

The look I was going for in this post was inspired by the idea of a young girl playing dress up in mom's closet. The sweat knit, lace up shoes, and cap are my childish elements, but the heels, cutouts, and Chanel bag are the grown up aspects. I have no idea if this even makes sense, but that was the vibe I was going for. I'm wearing a dress by Shakuhachi, a really cool Australian label that I am currently in lust with. I feel like I wear a lot of the same brands over and over again so I'm happy to show you guys some new stuff which brings me to my next point.. the Australian fashion game is mean. Who is ready to move there with me?

About a year ago I bought Jeffrey Campbell Tardys in size 7 and they were way too big for me and gave me blisters. After I bought them in size 6.5 and they were way too small and cramping my toes. WTF JEFFREY CAMPBELL. I just couldn't get these shoes out of my head so I had been stalking them on evilBay for the longest time. A black pair finally popped in 6.5 and I decided to just go for it again and let my feet suffer. This pair actually fit and they might even be a tad too roomy, but I'd say they are close to perfect. It's a little strange but the leather is different too because my first pair was very glossy, but these ones are a bit matte. I do like the glossy look better, but these ones look more scuff forgiving.

Cut Up and Cut Out

Sunday, June 2, 2013

I love how this UNIF dress is torn up completely different on left side than it is on the right side, which makes me wonder if all stray dresses are unique or layered the same way. One side has a really high slit and the other side has these overlapping pieces that fall nicely. I feel like most people recognize UNIF by their graphic tees and platform/spiked shoes, but all their other clothing is seriously so underrated! Wish they would gravitate away from graphic tees and produce more non-shirt type clothing. All my pre-owned UNIF things have sold on eBay for more than I bought them for, which makes me think other people are also on the search for their more special pieces.

I am also excited to do my first outfit post with these Balenciaga Derby cut out buckle strap or whatever you want to call them boots. I've upgraded my Docs and the search is over! Such horrible timing since I am currently unemployed and really should be saving my money since I can't start working until August (I quit my job for an internship!). I had been searching for these everywhere in my size while trying to avoid any preorders because I really hate waiting. An SA that helped me find a Bal bag last year was the one that found these boots for me. She is my hero. I still can't get over how photogenic they look from every angle and how intense and deep the black leather is. My favorite part is that they are really squishy on the inside and I get to wear them without socks! I'm about to go on a plaid flannel binge since I think these boots will go perfectly with them.