I Don't Remember

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Whoa! That's a really long list of stuff I'm wearing. If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I split the butt open on my leather pants while squatting. I found the same pair at the LF warehouse sale recently, so I ripped out the zipper and converted them to lace up pants again. I'm going to take it easy and not wear them out like I did to my last pair since cheap leather pants are hard to come by.

This is also the first time wearing my Diego bag on the blog! Net-a-Porter had an insane sale (hello no tax and free shipping!) and I was able to get one right before it sold out thanks to my obsessive email checking habits. I think sales are a recurring topic on my blog, but I just can't resist slashed prices..

Put Em Inside!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I usually don't go after white maxi dresses because it can look a little too bridal for my taste. There's also something about white fabric that's a bit off putting since you can end up looking like a walking napkin if there's a little too much fabric and the fit isn't right. Black = slimming, white = risky. Luckily this one has a cute print and lots of cut outs that keep it looking like anything but a wedding dress. This maxi originally had cinched sleeves, but since my arms were too short, the fabric was bunching up oddly. I pulled the elastic out and now it has some cute bell sleeves! 

Tunnel Vision

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cheers for bodychains that are actually fashionable and cool! I've always found them to be a little tacky since they're usually chunky, blinged out and just asking for attention.. or really delicate and pointless. The Auryn by Vanessa Mooney is somewhere in the middle of that spectrum and the reason I am on the hunt for more effortless bodychains. This one has a cool little pendant that sits on your chest and I like that it's not over the top. 

I wasn't going to buy anything for Cyber Monday, but Novella Royale was having an insane 50% off sale so it was hard to say no. I was obsessed with this print when I first saw it on the Janis Bells, but I'm happy it was available on other styles because I really didn't need another pair of bell bottoms. The shape is really cute and I plan on wearing it with leggings when the next round of cold weather hits Socal.

Furr, it's cold

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I can't be the only one that painfully checks Nasty Gal's site every time they have a sale. My latest purchase was not so bad, 4 items for $74! I ended up getting this maxi dress that has a somewhat dressy cut, but it's made from soft stretchy fabric which makes me feel like it's okay to wear it out casually. I also got this super cute jacket from Reformation that I had been eyeing for so long. I originally got a light wash plus a dark wash and was going to decide later which one to keep. Such a bad idea for my wallet, they were both too cute for me to return one. Oh well..