Sample Sale Success

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

 photo StoneColdFoxAlejandroSkirt5of6_zpsefb1d94f.jpg  photo StoneColdFoxAlejandroSkirt2of6_zpse46ec6dc.jpg  photo StoneColdFoxAlejandroSkirt7of7_zps96561c61.jpg  photo StoneColdFoxAlejandroSkirt3of6_zps212e4fc9.jpg  photo StoneColdFoxAlejandroSkirt1of6_zps5e8dd725.jpg
Free People Battenburg Crop Bralette / Stone Cold Fox Alejandro Dharma Skirt /  Reformation Boulder Jacket / Akira Studded Purse / Vintage Bangles

Last week I went to a really big multi-brand sample sale in LA, which is where I got this skirt. It was a lot fun and reminded me of my college days when I would ditch class to see if I could find anything to sell on evil bay. I probably spent way more than I should have last weekend, but it was just too tempting to see all my favorite local brands in one building. You can always count on slashed prices to get my blood pumping. If I'm ever moments before my last breath, just whisper in my ear that Barney's is on double markdown or that there is a warehouse sale going on. I will probably come back to life. 

On a completely different note, I think my Wicked Tides days might be over soon. BUT! I won't fall off the face of the internet world just yet, I have some other secret plans that are in the works and still involve fashion blogging. Stay tuned~

Runaway Train

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

 photo celtic_zps5f4df94e.jpg  photo celtic2_zps279683b1.jpg  photo celtic5_zps2f02d6b7.jpg  photo celtic3_zps436bc38a.jpg

I'm super excited about this hat! I've been waiting for Lack of Color to restock it for so so long and since I've been wanting a creamy fedora for so long, the wait was killing me. I think I purchased it 1 minute after they broke the news on Instagram. If you haven't heard of them, they're an Australian brand and the price is pretty decent so that was the best part. I'm also really into these laser cut wedges because I can actually drive in them and I think shoes look kinda cool when they're floppy around the ankle. Finally, some dressy shoes that are suitable for every day wear.

At Your Service

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

 photo zara2_zpsd29b7b0c.jpg  photo zara1_zps8a5512f0.jpg  photo zara3_zps1c7d597a.jpg  photo zara4_zpsd27a5949.jpg

Zara Jumpsuit / Acne Mape Jacket / Celine Clogs

I already wore this outfit like 5 billion times in the past week. I even tried wearing it as pajamas so I could continue a 43948 hour streak, but noOoo, I was forced to stop wearing it. Party poopers. Zara usually isn't my shop spot, but I am seriously addicted to this jumpsuit I got there. I wore it to a party last week, and then my cousin's wedding, and then to dinner.. twice... and then fishing, and then somewhere else. Basically I need to take it dry cleaning because I am a walking biohazard at this point. I usually dress things up for my blog, but my favorite posts are usually the ones that feature the clothes I abuse the hell out of on a regular basis.

East Meets West

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

 photo island_zps8830122a.jpg  photo island_4_zps3c7ff41e.jpg  photo island_5_zpsa7105556.jpg  photo island_3_zps1423c44f.jpg  photo island_2_zpsac1c0e0e.jpg

I'm a proud new owner of an Acne biker jacket! It feels very weird that it's sitting in my closet right now since my size was sold out during Barney's pre-sale. It was one of those, I'll just try again next season sort of situations, but my SA ended up managing to get one for me! Best. Text. Ever. He stashed it in the back of the store until I could stop by to try it on so I am indebted to him. I haven't felt this good about an expensive purchase since I got my Balenciaga boots last year, so this jacket will definitely become a staple piece in my wardrobe. Usually I am back and forth about big purchases, but no regrets, this jacket is retail price worthy. 

I have another leather jacket, but they are so different from each other and there are so many factors that I never considered when I initially was in the market to buy my one. First off, this one is lambskin and it is buttery soft and felt second skin comfortable right off the bat. My first leather jacket was made from goat leather, and while it's super durable/indestructible and has a nice shine to it, it took forever to break in. I'm not scared to wear it out for any kind of occasion since I can literally run into a cement or brick wall and walk away unscathed (or bars, pour your drinks on me, I don't care). The lambskin feels nicer, but I don't think I could wear it out for every occasion since it seems more delicate and might get stained. Also, my new one has back pleats, so wearing it while driving is super easy since you can stretch your shoulder blades forward. Another thing I didn't consider was the sleeve tightness, my other leather jacket is fitted so I can't wear long sleeve tops or flannels under it. 

Anyway, I'm a freak so I already know this isn't my last leather jacket, but if you are considering buying your first one, I hope this helped a little. There are so many factors to consider like what kind of leather it's made from, belted or no belt, glossy or matte, etc.. so just do a lot of research before you take the plunge!

Second Time Around

Monday, June 2, 2014

 photo IMG_6192_zps69885687.jpg  photo IMG_6364_zps7e801a51.jpg  photo IMG_6245_zps77ec8d51.jpg  photo IMG_6272_zps0c71d973.jpg  photo IMG_6361_zpsbe54834e.jpg
This is probably one of my favorite looks this year, it really represents my personal style. A little boyish, dark, unconventionally sexy, and with a touch of boho. I like the idea of just throwing up on a bunch of great pieces right before you head out the door, those are the best outfits. Last week I got to raid my boss's closet and I scored this beautiful studded dress, so thank you Gillian! I wore it to Sunday brunch with Sean and despite its super plunging neckline, I thought it was pretty acceptable to wear out. It's like a slutty graduation gown. I guess that's the advantage of being of the smaller chested breed, nothing to see here except maybe a double black diamond cliff made of flesh.

City of Industry

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

 photo chaser_2_zps12cf6b24.jpg  photo chaser_3_zps4873b773.jpg  photo chaser_4_zpsf9e4bfe4.jpg  photo chaser_1_zps9ee48689.jpg  photo chaser_5_zpsaa176aea.jpg  photo chaser_6_zps83fdb79f.jpg

Don't let this plunging jumpsuit fool ya, sexy things can be comfortable too. A little silky, a little sporty, and a little too easy to lounge in. I'm pretty sure my boob was hanging out all day since I refused to use the security button, but for some reason I felt really comfortable just hanging out in this all day. I feel like sexy clothes are usually really frumpy and hard to just "chill" in, but I had the opposite experience while wearing this. You know you hit gold when you close your eyes and your body feels like you're bumming it, but when you open your eyes, it's like buh-bam buh-bam, I am actually dressed up and not wearing pajamas in public. That's zee best.

Black Magic

Sunday, May 18, 2014

 photo 3rd_2_zps23f5a36a.jpg  photo 3rd_zps133e2f80.jpg  photo 3rd_4_zps05f5183e.jpg  photo 3rd_7_zps6ab93497.jpg  photo 3rd_3_zpseb41b690.jpg  photo 3rd_6_zps887cbf6a.jpg

I am the worst updater ever, but here I am with a new post! I decided to go for a casual look and let the heels do all the spicing up. I don't know what it is, but I am so completely obsessed with Isabel Marant shoes - everything from how it looks (duh), how they smell, to the buttery, cushiony insoles. I think I've bought like 13 pairs in my life time.. madness huh! Talk about a sick addiction. But honestly, I think my favorite part is how the scent of the shoe lingers in the shoe box forever.. doesn't matter if it's made in Portugal or China, if it's suede or cotton raffia.. they all smell the same!! Magic, I tell ya. 


Saturday, May 3, 2014

 photo licit_6_zps2cd1541a.jpg  photo licit_1copy_zps767c5d6a.jpg  photo licit_4_zpsf88038ab.jpg  photo licit_5_zpscf00fef0.jpg  photo licit_2_zpsad443111.jpg  photo licit_3_zpsb722bd0e.jpg
UNIF Licit Dress // Chanel Flap Bag // Nine West 7Hollie Boot // Forever 21 Sunnies // 2Bandits Rigby Bangles

I've had my eye out for a cute peter pan collar dress, but never made the plunge. After I saw this knit dropped waist one from UNIF, it was like ding ding ding! We have a winner. Perfect timing for a mini dress because it has been deathly hot in LA. I was originally going to wear my black cut out boots, but I thought I'd go for a girlier look today. I'm also on the hunt for some new flatforms if anyone has any suggestions! 

One Piece

Monday, April 21, 2014

 photo jumper_6_zps6851f483.jpg  photo jumper_4_zpsf2a4d274.jpg  photo jumper_1_zps39fcab65.jpg  photo jumper_2_zps14252de9.jpg  photo jumper_5_zps39fcab65.jpg  photo jumper_3_zps2759084a.jpg

The camo jacket is a bit random and probably not the most complementary garment to wear with my new romper, but it's what I grabbed before heading out.  The best way to make a new piece of clothing "your own" is to mix it in with some old worn to death pieces, so maybe it isn't so random after all. This is probably what I would have worn to Coachella if I had gone this year, but I most likely would have been a walking camel toe exhibit. You know. Blazing hot sun, semi giving up on life, heat stroke, makeup dripping all the way down to my belly button, dehydration, stripping down every time I go into a porto potty... A front wedgie would be the last thing on my mind. 

I'm totally kidding though. It's a great romper, has the perfect balance between softness and sturdiness, and it does a pretty good job at not bunching up. It does have a steep price tag for a UO label, but I can already see myself wearing with a lot of different things in my closet so I shall call it a success.

Buenas Noches

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

 photo buenasnoches_2_zps73dc1b02.jpg  photo buenasnoches_3_zps3031297e.jpg  photo buenasnoches_1_zpsedcf01f4.jpg  photo buenasnoches_4_zps57da8356.jpg  photo buenasnoches_5_zpsf16e5eb1.jpg

I could wear this outfit every day! I mean, I do wear some sort of variation of this outfit all the time so I guess that statement is slightly true. This Nightcap Top by FL&L is one of the basic staples in my closet  and I'm so obsessed that I have four of them... two blacks, one ivory, and one lace. The lace one gets the least amount of love, but I just like the solid ribbed ones so much. It's easy to wear and it lets me go overboard on the rest of my outfit since I'm wearing something basic on top.  I recently got this cute little bag from PYLO and it's so handy for my lifestyle. Is it just me or am I the only person that feels like a crazy person I'm while out running errands?  Big humungous bags make a difference in the efficiency of getting shit done in the outside world. I swear I am always squeezing out of tiny compact parking spots, carrying loads of random crap out of my car, or getting tangled in my dogs leash while I try to stop him from killing other dogs. Also, it might just be the crazy person inside me talking, but living in DTLA is scary and I never know if I'm going to have to take off on foot and run away from someone crazier than me. This slim bag stays strapped to my body. No hands.