Off the Shoulder, Dropped Waist

Sunday, March 16, 2014

For Love & Lemons Precioso Dress // Diesel Belt //  Fantas Eyes Round Sunglasses // Celine Buckle Strap Clogs

Drop all the waists!! This dress is pretty much gorgeous on its own, but it was too strange for me to wear it by itself. The most fun part about fashion is challenging myself to be creative and to think outside the box, so throwing something on and only adding heels for the blog is not okay with me. I love the look of a low belt and I actually almost never belt things high up. I do think the high waist look is more flattering since it accentuates the skinniest part of your torso and lengthens your lower body, but something about fighting the traditional hour glass shape is sexier to me. Who knows.. maybe I just like being able to breath after a big meal. 


  1. Beautiful dress! And I adore the shoes, too. I've always loved that collection... x

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  3. I love this dress. It's also available in red!

  4. Super boho with the belt & those sandals. I've been looking everywhere for a pair in my size to no avail :( I'll just admire them from your blog. This dress looks amazingly dreamy on you though, it's truly your style. Gotta love some For Love & Lemons haha

    The Fashann Monster

    1. Try eBay! I see them pop up here and there (:

  5. omg i love your outfit!!!!

  6. . Estas muy linda con este look tan relajado es ideal
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  7. Super cute dress and you look amazing with it!!
    xo, Jane