One Piece

Monday, April 21, 2014

 photo jumper_6_zps6851f483.jpg  photo jumper_4_zpsf2a4d274.jpg  photo jumper_1_zps39fcab65.jpg  photo jumper_2_zps14252de9.jpg  photo jumper_5_zps39fcab65.jpg  photo jumper_3_zps2759084a.jpg

The camo jacket is a bit random and probably not the most complementary garment to wear with my new romper, but it's what I grabbed before heading out.  The best way to make a new piece of clothing "your own" is to mix it in with some old worn to death pieces, so maybe it isn't so random after all. This is probably what I would have worn to Coachella if I had gone this year, but I most likely would have been a walking camel toe exhibit. You know. Blazing hot sun, semi giving up on life, heat stroke, makeup dripping all the way down to my belly button, dehydration, stripping down every time I go into a porto potty... A front wedgie would be the last thing on my mind. 

I'm totally kidding though. It's a great romper, has the perfect balance between softness and sturdiness, and it does a pretty good job at not bunching up. It does have a steep price tag for a UO label, but I can already see myself wearing with a lot of different things in my closet so I shall call it a success.

Buenas Noches

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

 photo buenasnoches_2_zps73dc1b02.jpg  photo buenasnoches_3_zps3031297e.jpg  photo buenasnoches_1_zpsedcf01f4.jpg  photo buenasnoches_4_zps57da8356.jpg  photo buenasnoches_5_zpsf16e5eb1.jpg

I could wear this outfit every day! I mean, I do wear some sort of variation of this outfit all the time so I guess that statement is slightly true. This Nightcap Top by FL&L is one of the basic staples in my closet  and I'm so obsessed that I have four of them... two blacks, one ivory, and one lace. The lace one gets the least amount of love, but I just like the solid ribbed ones so much. It's easy to wear and it lets me go overboard on the rest of my outfit since I'm wearing something basic on top.  I recently got this cute little bag from PYLO and it's so handy for my lifestyle. Is it just me or am I the only person that feels like a crazy person I'm while out running errands?  Big humungous bags make a difference in the efficiency of getting shit done in the outside world. I swear I am always squeezing out of tiny compact parking spots, carrying loads of random crap out of my car, or getting tangled in my dogs leash while I try to stop him from killing other dogs. Also, it might just be the crazy person inside me talking, but living in DTLA is scary and I never know if I'm going to have to take off on foot and run away from someone crazier than me. This slim bag stays strapped to my body. No hands.

Yarn Monster

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I don't own any fur coats, but I do have a pretty big collection of fuzzy man made things in my closet. Everything from tie dye faux fur to loopy yarn with sequins to something reminiscent of those NAP blankets from Brookstone. Sometimes I question myself if they are borderline tacky since I never get like a "OOH cute coat" from other people. It's more like a "OOH let me pet you" kind of reaction. The one I'm wearing for this post is a pretty standard shaggy coat, but when you venture off into the weirder hardcore fluffy stuff, the hands start coming your way.