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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

 photo zara2_zpsd29b7b0c.jpg  photo zara1_zps8a5512f0.jpg  photo zara3_zps1c7d597a.jpg  photo zara4_zpsd27a5949.jpg

Zara Jumpsuit / Acne Mape Jacket / Celine Clogs

I already wore this outfit like 5 billion times in the past week. I even tried wearing it as pajamas so I could continue a 43948 hour streak, but noOoo, I was forced to stop wearing it. Party poopers. Zara usually isn't my shop spot, but I am seriously addicted to this jumpsuit I got there. I wore it to a party last week, and then my cousin's wedding, and then to dinner.. twice... and then fishing, and then somewhere else. Basically I need to take it dry cleaning because I am a walking biohazard at this point. I usually dress things up for my blog, but my favorite posts are usually the ones that feature the clothes I abuse the hell out of on a regular basis.


  1. I love the shoes the way you wore them! cool photos!

  2. <333 amazing pictures !
    you look stunning !

  3. Awesome outfit and very great pics
    Great Work

  4. You look stunning dear, love this outfit!!!!

  5. Love the jumpsuit! :)

  6. love the outfit! zara is amazingg

  7. That jumpsuit is perfect. love this outfit!

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