Sample Sale Success

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

 photo StoneColdFoxAlejandroSkirt5of6_zpsefb1d94f.jpg  photo StoneColdFoxAlejandroSkirt2of6_zpse46ec6dc.jpg  photo StoneColdFoxAlejandroSkirt7of7_zps96561c61.jpg  photo StoneColdFoxAlejandroSkirt3of6_zps212e4fc9.jpg  photo StoneColdFoxAlejandroSkirt1of6_zps5e8dd725.jpg
Free People Battenburg Crop Bralette / Stone Cold Fox Alejandro Dharma Skirt /  Reformation Boulder Jacket / Akira Studded Purse / Vintage Bangles

Last week I went to a really big multi-brand sample sale in LA, which is where I got this skirt. It was a lot fun and reminded me of my college days when I would ditch class to see if I could find anything to sell on evil bay. I probably spent way more than I should have last weekend, but it was just too tempting to see all my favorite local brands in one building. You can always count on slashed prices to get my blood pumping. If I'm ever moments before my last breath, just whisper in my ear that Barney's is on double markdown or that there is a warehouse sale going on. I will probably come back to life. 

On a completely different note, I think my Wicked Tides days might be over soon. BUT! I won't fall off the face of the internet world just yet, I have some other secret plans that are in the works and still involve fashion blogging. Stay tuned~


  1. Those shoes are bananas!! I love them!!

  2. Gourgeous photos.

    Lots of love.

  3. Seriously obsessed with that skirt! Will you still be posting? I love your blog.


  4. The skirt is a dream! I love it!!!!! I'm definitively putting it in my wish list!

  5. Jealous! What a beautiful skirt, shame that you used to ditch class though hehe. I'm definitely looking forward to what you have for us! If I may take a guess, would you be making an online store? Whatever it is, I'm super excited already.


    Miss Eliza WonDerland

  6. Loove love your style! How come you don't have milions of followers? Such a nice blog!
    Would you like to follow each other via GFC? Let me know when you do!

  7. Beautiful pictures and outfit! Thank you for dropping by my blog by the way!

  8. Obsessing over those shoes! Just gorgeous!

    Liz Lizo

  9. Aww man, I’m still searching for those Celine clogs! I wish there were more sample sales here, looks like you picked up an awesome skirt. Sad to hear your Wicked Tides days are coming to an end but I’m glad to hear you have something in stock for us. You’re one of the few fashion blogs & really love. Looking forward to what’s coming up :)


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