Garden Gnome

Sunday, June 29, 2014

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Good jackets and bags are always hard to find. I probably buy a few jackets a year and maybe one purse a year because it's hard to find something that really catches my eye. When I saw this jacket, I told myself I would buy it when it goes on sale because it's pretty unique with its faux shearling and leather details. Sometimes it feels Elf/Will Ferrell-esque, but I kind of like that. 

East Meets West

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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I'm a proud new owner of an Acne biker jacket! It feels very weird that it's sitting in my closet right now since my size was sold out during Barney's pre-sale. It was one of those, I'll just try again next season sort of situations, but my SA ended up managing to get one for me! Best. Text. Ever. He stashed it in the back of the store until I could stop by to try it on so I am indebted to him. I haven't felt this good about an expensive purchase since I got my Balenciaga boots last year, so this jacket will definitely become a staple piece in my wardrobe. Usually I am back and forth about big purchases, but no regrets, this jacket is retail price worthy. 

I have another leather jacket, but they are so different from each other and there are so many factors that I never considered when I initially was in the market to buy my one. First off, this one is lambskin and it is buttery soft and felt second skin comfortable right off the bat. My first leather jacket was made from goat leather, and while it's super durable/indestructible and has a nice shine to it, it took forever to break in. I'm not scared to wear it out for any kind of occasion since I can literally run into a cement or brick wall and walk away unscathed (or bars, pour your drinks on me, I don't care). The lambskin feels nicer, but I don't think I could wear it out for every occasion since it seems more delicate and might get stained. Also, my new one has back pleats, so wearing it while driving is super easy since you can stretch your shoulder blades forward. Another thing I didn't consider was the sleeve tightness, my other leather jacket is fitted so I can't wear long sleeve tops or flannels under it. 

Anyway, I'm a freak so I already know this isn't my last leather jacket, but if you are considering buying your first one, I hope this helped a little. There are so many factors to consider like what kind of leather it's made from, belted or no belt, glossy or matte, etc.. so just do a lot of research before you take the plunge!

Piece of Antigua

Monday, June 23, 2014

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This jacket is my new go to piece for when I'm running out of the house in a hurry. All the embroidery was hand stitched in Guatemala and sourced from the Antigua marketplace so it feels special owning something that has cultural history behind it. The embroidery gives a splash of color that is always lacking from my wardrobe and it strangely goes with everything. I paired this black Style Stalker top from 8th Story with black lace pants and I like how to result is an outfit that almost looks like a sexy belted slash halter jumpsuit. Anyway, until next time!

Casual Saturday

Monday, June 16, 2014

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I love these vintage Levi's so so much. I used to wear them all the time in college until my friends started making fun of me since you can see 40% of my butt from all the holes. I should invest in some denim underwear to camouflage thy behind. Sean has a button up just like this one and since I am always trying to copy him, I was like.. this giant gingham thingy.. it needs to be in my closet so I can secretly twin attack him when we go out. Anway, I'm going to try to post more outfits this Summer so look out on my blog and insta!

Second Time Around

Monday, June 2, 2014

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This is probably one of my favorite looks this year, it really represents my personal style. A little boyish, dark, unconventionally sexy, and with a touch of boho. I like the idea of just throwing up on a bunch of great pieces right before you head out the door, those are the best outfits. Last week I got to raid my boss's closet and I scored this beautiful studded dress, so thank you Gillian! I wore it to Sunday brunch with Sean and despite its super plunging neckline, I thought it was pretty acceptable to wear out. It's like a slutty graduation gown. I guess that's the advantage of being of the smaller chested breed, nothing to see here except maybe a double black diamond cliff made of flesh.