Sample Sale Success

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

 photo StoneColdFoxAlejandroSkirt5of6_zpsefb1d94f.jpg  photo StoneColdFoxAlejandroSkirt2of6_zpse46ec6dc.jpg  photo StoneColdFoxAlejandroSkirt7of7_zps96561c61.jpg  photo StoneColdFoxAlejandroSkirt3of6_zps212e4fc9.jpg  photo StoneColdFoxAlejandroSkirt1of6_zps5e8dd725.jpg
Free People Battenburg Crop Bralette / Stone Cold Fox Alejandro Dharma Skirt /  Reformation Boulder Jacket / Akira Studded Purse / Vintage Bangles

Last week I went to a really big multi-brand sample sale in LA, which is where I got this skirt. It was a lot fun and reminded me of my college days when I would ditch class to see if I could find anything to sell on evil bay. I probably spent way more than I should have last weekend, but it was just too tempting to see all my favorite local brands in one building. You can always count on slashed prices to get my blood pumping. If I'm ever moments before my last breath, just whisper in my ear that Barney's is on double markdown or that there is a warehouse sale going on. I will probably come back to life. 

On a completely different note, I think my Wicked Tides days might be over soon. BUT! I won't fall off the face of the internet world just yet, I have some other secret plans that are in the works and still involve fashion blogging. Stay tuned~

Runaway Train

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

 photo celtic_zps5f4df94e.jpg  photo celtic2_zps279683b1.jpg  photo celtic5_zps2f02d6b7.jpg  photo celtic3_zps436bc38a.jpg

I'm super excited about this hat! I've been waiting for Lack of Color to restock it for so so long and since I've been wanting a creamy fedora for so long, the wait was killing me. I think I purchased it 1 minute after they broke the news on Instagram. If you haven't heard of them, they're an Australian brand and the price is pretty decent so that was the best part. I'm also really into these laser cut wedges because I can actually drive in them and I think shoes look kinda cool when they're floppy around the ankle. Finally, some dressy shoes that are suitable for every day wear.

At Your Service

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

 photo zara2_zpsd29b7b0c.jpg  photo zara1_zps8a5512f0.jpg  photo zara3_zps1c7d597a.jpg  photo zara4_zpsd27a5949.jpg

Zara Jumpsuit / Acne Mape Jacket / Celine Clogs

I already wore this outfit like 5 billion times in the past week. I even tried wearing it as pajamas so I could continue a 43948 hour streak, but noOoo, I was forced to stop wearing it. Party poopers. Zara usually isn't my shop spot, but I am seriously addicted to this jumpsuit I got there. I wore it to a party last week, and then my cousin's wedding, and then to dinner.. twice... and then fishing, and then somewhere else. Basically I need to take it dry cleaning because I am a walking biohazard at this point. I usually dress things up for my blog, but my favorite posts are usually the ones that feature the clothes I abuse the hell out of on a regular basis.